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Manicures & Pedicures

Clients and friends come together to get a “mani-pedi” and get their feet and hands done at the same time for the ultimate pampering experience. At Top Nails in Omaha, NE, our manicures or pedicures will help exfoliate your skin, while also keeping your nails looking great!

Our nail salon offers pedicure services to keep you feet healthy and your toenails looking great. Come relax and get a professional nail care service with us. Imagine sitting and relaxing in a spa chair as your feet get exfoliated and pampered. If you are in need of a longer lasting pedicure, we provide gel nails so that your nail polish lasts for weeks. Whether you are looking for something exciting or simply want a coat of classic red, we have something for everyone with our nail art.

Top Nails also provide services for acrylic nails. This form of nail design is widely popular amongst our clients. You can personalize your nails by requesting a nail length, acrylic powder coating, and your finished nails will look as fabulous you want them to be!

"We can do everything from a french manicure to colored gel polish."